The 220 acre Kugler Woods Preserve located in Kingwood Township borders the eastern side of Route 29 just across from a large parking area. It contains a beautiful waterfall and several magnificent views of the Delaware River. Currently there is little access or public awareness of this parkland. We are proposing to improve the existing short trail of approximately mile from the road to a three season waterfall.

In addition to general maintenance, there are two areas along this trail that require more significant intervention for use by the public. The first area is approximately 1/10 mile in. This part of the trail has a steep drop-off on the stream side which cuts into the trail and narrows it significantly. Bracing needs to be installed alongside the trail in this section to so that material can be added to widen the walking area. As an additional safety measure, some type of barrier will be installed between the trees along the stream side on this segment of the trail.

The second area requiring improvement is the last 50 feet of the trail as it drops down to the rocks at the base of the waterfall. A series of steps will be constructed of dirt, rock and fallen timber to allow a gradual drop from the path overlook down to the base of the falls.