Distance Between Access Points (in miles)
Starting Ending Mileage
12th Str., Frenchtown Bridge Str., Frenchtown 0.7
Bridge Str., Frenchtown Kingwood Boat Launch 0.9
Kingwood Boat Launch Fairview Road 1.4
Fairview Road Point Pleasant 4.8
Point Pleasant Byram Boat Launch 0.9
Byram Boat Launch Bull's Island 0.9
Bull's Island Prallsville Mill and Lock 3.0
Prallsville Mill and Lock Stockton 0.3
Stockton Jimison Farm 2.4
Jimison Farm Lambertville Lock 1.5
Lambertville Lock Firemen's Eddy 1.1
Firemen's Eddy Belle Mountain 0.9
Belle Mountain Moores Creek 1.0
Moores Creek Titusville (Church Road) 2.2
Titusville (Church Road) Washington Crossing 1.2
Washington Crossing Scudders Falls (Rt. 95) 2.4
Scudders Falls (Rt. 95) Upper Ferry Road 0.8
Upper Ferry Road Wilburtha Road 0.4
Wilburtha Road Lower Ferry Road 0.9
Lower Ferry Road Cadwalader Footbridge 1.7
Cadwalader Footbridge Hermitage Road 0.5
Hermitage Road Calhoun Street 0.8
Calhoun Street Montgomery Street 0.7
TOTAL: 29.96