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Calendar of Events

The following  programs are run by the D&R Canal State Park Naturalist, Historian and/or an Affiliated Friends Organization. Pre-registration is required to participate in any of the listed events unless otherwise noted. To do so, please call either (609) 924-5705 (main park office at Kingston), (609) 397-2949 (Bulls Island office) or the number indicated in the listing. You'll need to leave a contact name and phone number in the event of cancellation as well as the number of people planning to attend the program (please indicate number of adults and children).

Please note that programs begin at varied times and locations which are included in the descriptions below and are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather, insufficient interest or other unforeseen circumstances. Call the park office, or the contact person noted, if in doubt about a program's cancellation.

Upcoming Park Programs


Join John Jengo, geologist, site remediation professional and lead archaeologist with Stantec Consulting Services on the 2017 Weston Mill Dam removal project, as he shares his research and knowledge of the Weston Mill and Dam from it's construction in the 18th century on the Millstone River to the dam's final removal in 2017.  Mr. Jengo will tell the mill's story (historically known as Van Neste’s Mill) through the use of historic maps, photographs, field investigations and artifact discoveries.



LOCATION:  Rockingham Barn at the Rockingham State Historic Site; 84 Laurel Aveune, Kingston, NJ 08528

ADMISSION FEE:  FREE -  Light refreshments will be offered after the presentation as well as the opportunity to view a 10-minute video of the dam removal project.

PLEASE NOTE:  SEATING WILL BE LIMITED. It is suggested to call the Rockingham State Historic Site at 609-683-7132 to register.

As part of the Millstone River restoration project to remove the Weston Mill Dam in Manville/Franklin Township, New Jersey, a comprehensive cultural resources archaeological investigation was conducted of the former Weston Mill, which began grist and saw milling operations at this location in circa 1747. The investigation revealed new information about the ownership history of the mill, the numerous rebuilding efforts over its 235-year existence, how the mill operated over time, the artifacts that were recovered from the mill following its collapse in 1982, and the timber crib dam that was discovered during the removal of Weston Mill Dam in 2017.

Mr. Jengo is licensed Professional Geologist in several Northeastern states and a Licensed Site Remediation Professional in New Jersey, who works as a Principal Hydrogeologist in an environmental consulting firm in southeastern Pennsylvania. He has degrees in geology from Rutgers University (1980) and the University of Delaware (1982). Over the last 30 years, he has lead the characterization and remediation of large, complex contaminated industrial sites throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He played a key role in the Natural Resource Damage (NRD) assessment that lead to a groundbreaking legal settlement to remove numerous low head dams on the Raritan River and the Millstone River to restore historically significant migratory fish spawning runs. As technical project manager, he planned, permitted, and successfully managed the removal of the Calco Dam, the Robert Street Dam, the Nevius Street Dam, and the Weston Mill Dam in the Raritan River watershed between 2008-2017 and lead the archaeological investigations at the former Weston Mill in Franklin Township

Class and Scout Program Opportunities

What the D&R Canal State Park Has To Offer

The Delaware and Raritan Canal was built in the 1830s to transport goods to industrial areas. Today it is used as a water supply system and a corridor for people as well as wildlife. As you walk on the towpath you will see 19th century mills and lock/bridge tender houses, along with hand-built spillways and stone-arched culverts.

The D&R Canal State Park offers a variety of habitats within its 70-mile long corridor. The canal is adjacent to many rivers making it an ideal place to study the diversity and adaptions of organisms found in a freshwater flood plain and riverine habitats. The park also contains areas representing upland forests and fields in varying stages of succession.
No matter what area of the D&R Canal State Park you visit, your students will leave with a better understanding of nature and their place in it.

Program registration Form

Unless otherwise noted, all class and scout programs offerings listed below require the completion and submission of our program registration form along with the applicable fee.  Please have a look at our form  by accessing the link below.  Do contact us at our park office at (609) 924-5705 if interested in any of these listed programs or if there are any questions or concerns.  Download, print, complete and return our registration form available here as a PDF file.

Please click here to download and print our registration form

Nature & Environmental Programs

Call to speak with our Naturalist at (609) 924-5705 for more information or to schedule a program for your class.

Nature Program Topics Include:

Students will learn...
  •     to identify New Jersey trees using a dichotomous key;  
  •     to infer a tree's life history by looking at tree cookies;  
  •     how different parts of a tree function together to make a tree grow.  
Water Quality
Students will learn...
  •     to identify macroinvertebrates that help determine water quality;  
  •     how point and non-point pollution effects water quality;  
  •     to perform water testing for certain parameters.  
Students will learn...
  •     to identify topography symbols;  
  •     how to determine distance from a topographical map;  
  •     how to use a magnetic compass and complete a small obstacle course.  
Insect Investigation:
Students will learn...
  •     how to find and identify insects;  
  •     the diverse lifestyles and adaptations insects possess;  
  •     the characteristics that make-up an insect.  
NJ Animals:
Students will learn...
  •    the different classifications of animals found in New Jersey;
  •   about the four habitat requirements: food, shelter, water and a place to raise their young.

In-Class nature & environmental Presentations

If you can't come to us, it is possible that we can come to you! Our naturalist can present informative, hands-on programs to our students on a variety of environmental subjects. Topics can include: Water Quality, Forestry, Diversity and Adaptions, Introduction to NJ Animals, and Orienteering. Other programs may be available on request. All programs will be geared for your grade level and are in correlation with the NJ Core Curriculum standards. The presentations last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Please call or email our naturalist for more information.

History Programs

Call to speak with our historian at (609) 924-5705 for more information or to schedule a program for your class.

Programs For Scouts

What the D&R Canal State Park Has To Offer

The Naturalist and Historian at the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park also offer several programs designed to help scouts work toward a variety of badge requirements. In some cases, one scheduled program is all that is needed to complete a badge and add to your list of scouting achievements.
Programs include:

Be aware that registration fees apply to the programs listed below. Please contact our park office at (609) 924-5705 if interested in any of these listed programs AND download, print, complete and return our registration form available here as a PDF file.

Please click here to download and print our registration form

Girl Scouts

Birds Try-It
Eco-Explorer/Outdoor Adventurer
Creepy Crawlers
Trees for Our Future
NJ Heritage Patch 

Earth Connections
Finding Your Way
Trees for Our Future
NJ Naturalist
NJ Heritage Patch

Trees for Our Future
NJ Naturalist
NJ Heritage Patch 

Boy Scouts

Naturalist and Forester

Sharing Your World With Wildlife

Other programs such as Orienteering and The Story of the D&R Canal can also be scheduled. If you are a scout leader and interested in scheduling one of these programs for your troop, then contact either Vicki (Historian) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Naturalist) at to discuss availability.